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Does the ForgeRock solution support UI flexibility?

Last updated Jun 30, 2022

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions on UI flexibility when evaluating the ForgeRock Identity Platform.


Does the ForgeRock solution allow organizations to build a bespoke UI?

Yes. ForgeRock offers several levels for organizations to deliver custom UIs:

  • Minor theming of the provided UI. The supplied UIs are built using standard HTML, CSS and JSPs. Simple changes such as inserting a custom brand or logo to reflect your organization can be achieved by modifying the HTML and CSS stylesheets. For minor changes to the Self-Service UI, the simplest approach is to use realm theming. This allows basic branding of the end user interface with colors and a logo image. A Theme node (available on the ForgeRock Marketplace) allows you to easily customize the look and feel of any authentication or registration flow and optionally change the Login button text.
  • Restyling of the standard UI through Bootstrap theming. Further enhancements can be made using a responsive design framework such as AngularJS or Handlebars.js.
  • SDKs. ForgeRock supports SDKs for mobile and web authentication, which can be fully customized and branded according to your requirements. Our SDKs interact directly with and adapt on the fly to any modification to user journeys, including authentication, registration, and customer self-service. This means that end user application changes are not required when updating user journeys. The SDK team continually develops new capabilities to enable our customers' developers to quickly and easily create exciting yet secure experiences for their customers.
  • Rich customization using your choice of UI frameworks, calling REST APIs directly. Complete UI customization, or integration with your existing portals, can be achieved by invoking the same REST APIs as the ForgeRock supplied UI. This allows new or existing apps and portals to integrate with the ForgeRock platform by reusing the integration patterns and code used in the supplied UI.
  • Complete availability of the ForgeRock UI as open source. Powered by Vue.js and available on GitHub, this capability allows you to easily build out and expand the supplied UI to evolve and grow to suit your changing requirements while providing a peerless end user experience.

How does the ForgeRock solution use SDKs to more easily embed identity?

Our SDK strategy is to expose core ForgeRock functionality, enabling developer ease of use, while leveraging ForgeRock best practices for token exchange, security, and rapid integration with intelligent user journeys. The SDKs ease the life of developers by responding in real time to changes made in the authentication journey configuration, immediately changing the user experience on the device without the need to redeploy the front-end applications.

Other SDK features include:

  • A separate UI module for quick UI development
  • Best practice token security
  • Single sign-on (SSO) to multiple applications on a device
  • Pluggable and extensible architecture
  • Device management capabilities for users
  • Use of native biometric device capabilities (if any) within our iOS and Android SDKs

The ForgeRock SDKs are free and open source. This allows you to use any or all of the SDK modules and extend them in any way you want. We also use our SDK in our new ForgeRock Authenticator mobile application.

Comprehensive documentation is available here: ForgeRock SDKs.

Does the ForgeRock solution include flexible hosted UI options?

Yes. ForgeRock provides hosted pages that allow you to manage:

  • End user journey pages, such as login, registration, and password reset.
  • End user account pages, such as user profile and delegated administration.

The hosted UI layout can be at least themed per security realm or finer. For example, you can add company logos (and control their size), change buttons, links, fonts, background and their associated colors. You can also change the page's layout and choose to add a header and/or a footer.

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