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Custom user profile attributes are missing from the user profile page after upgrading to AM 7.x

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance if custom fields on the user profile page are empty after upgrading to AM 7.x.


Custom fields on the User Profile page are blank after upgrading even though the field is populated. For example, if you had added a custom attribute (My Custom Attribute) in a previous version of AM and it was populated for a user (demo), they would see the following after upgrading to AM 7 instead of a value for the custom attribute:

Recent Changes

Upgraded to AM 7 or later.


AM 7 introduced a profile attribute allowlist. Common profile attributes are allowlisted by default, but you must add any custom attributes that you want your non-administrative users to see as noted in AM 7 Critical Changes.

If custom profile attributes are not allowlisted, then their data will not be visible to end users.


This issue can be resolved by allowlisting the missing profile attributes.

You can allowlist profile attributes using either the AM admin UI or Amster:

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