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How do I find network errors in the logs for the configuration store in AM (All versions)?

Last updated Apr 13, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide information on finding network errors in the logs for the configuration store in AM. This is useful if you suspect network errors are causing connection issues with the configuration store.

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Finding network errors (AM 7 and later)

AM 7 uses Logback for configuration of debug logging. 

You can enable message level debugging for all logs as described in Maintenance Guide › Debug Logging or you can just set it for the Configuration appender as described in Maintenance Guide › To Temporarily Enable Debug Logging with Logback.jsp.

Finding network errors (Pre-AM 7)

The Configuration debug log shows network errors when the debug level is set to Warning or Message (default is Error). You can set this debug level for all logs as described in How do I enable Message level debugging in AM (All versions) debug files? or you can just set it for the amEventService instance as follows: 

  1. Log into AM as the admin user (called amadmin by default).
  2. Navigate to: <protocol>://host.fqdn:port/openam/Debug.jsp, for example:
  3. Select amEventService from the Debug Instances field.
  4. Select Warning or Message from the Level field and click Submit to change the debug level.

The Debug.jsp page always shows the debug level as Error, regardless of its actual setting.

If you have network based errors, you will see errors such as the following in your Configuration log (located in the /path/to/openAM/debug directory by default):

amEventService WARNING: LDAPException received:  com.sun.identity.ldap.LDAPException: Server or Network error (81) at com.sun.identity.shared.ldap.LDAPConnThread.networkError( at com sun.identity.shared.ldap.LDAPConnThread.networkError( at at ...

Once you have reproduced the problem and captured the debug logs, you should revert the debug level to Error to avoid filling up the disks where the debug logs are stored.

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