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ForgeRock Production Event Guidance/Checklist

Last updated Jan 23, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide general best practices on how to plan and prepare for major events with ForgeRock support. Examples of a major event are: going live with a ForgeRock product, production upgrades, major releases and so on.

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Before getting started, the following articles should be reviewed prior to opening a ticket with Support:

Supplemental articles:

Production planning guidance

As with any major event or change within your environment, adequate planning and testing are highly recommended to prepare for and understand the impact of the change(s). It is also important that your team has a rollback plan should the change need to be reverted.

Raising awareness of an upcoming major event helps plan and capture important details surrounding the event, allowing all parties to be better positioned for success. Ideally, advanced notices should be at least one - two weeks before the anticipated event date. If two weeks notice is not possible, please submit a P2 support ticket with the subject: “Production Notification” to help expedite your notification.

Should the date be rescheduled or canceled altogether, an internal notification can be easily updated.


Any technical issue that needs to be raised before, during, or after the event should be done through a Support ticket.

Preparing for your production event

To help ForgeRock gather important details about the event, please review and answer the following questions: (please copy/paste the checklist into the ticket form and add your responses when submitting a ticket to notify us of an upcoming event).

1. Provide a description of the event (For example, Go-Live, Upgrade, Fresh Install, Patching, Architecture Change)


2. What are the activity start and end date/time for the event? (provide timezone)


3. What are the ForgeRock products and versions involved (if upgrading - to what version)?


4. Are there any existing patches for ForgeRock products currently installed (provide Patch IDs)?


5. Please provide an Architecture diagram and high-level use cases.


6. What is the number/percentage of the customer/client population that may/will be impacted?


7. Has testing been completed in lower environments in preparation for the event, and are there any known concerns from testing?


8. Are there any current open tickets that are blockers for this event?


9. Do you have an established rollback plan? If so, please provide details.


10. Who are the key contacts for the event? Technical, Management?


11. For any other important details, please share.


After obtaining the above information, ForgeRock may have follow-up questions to ensure clarity and preparation for the event.


Please update the ticket if there are any changes to your plans or if you would like to share any updates on progress during the event. If an issue occurs during the production event, you should raise a new support ticket, which will have the appropriate SLAs attached.

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