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Does the ForgeRock solution support business systems integration?

Last updated Jan 23, 2023

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions on business systems integration when evaluating the ForgeRock solution.


How does the solution integrate with other systems and enable the consolidation of multiple identity silos to create a single view of the customer across your organization?

A comprehensive single view of the customer (SVoC) is powered by ForgeRock's identity management capabilities and created by integrating, synchronizing and transforming data from different systems across the organization. 

A complete picture of your customers and their interactions with your organization can be achieved by meeting several requirements, including:

  • establishing a common customer data model
  • connecting a broad range of data sources
  • implementing simple synchronization and reconciliation logic
  • allowing access to customer data in an appropriate format

Customers may interact with your organization across many different channels. With ForgeRock, all of these interactions are managed centrally with unified and consistent registration, authentication, authorization, and self-service journeys underpinned by Intelligent Access.

All interactions across different touchpoints in the platform result in the creation of data about a wide range of customer activities and all of this data can be securely and automatically exported into reporting and monitoring systems. Audit handlers can be used to export data in a format specific to external reporting tools, with built-in audit event handlers including JSON files, CSV files, JDBC relational database, JMS topics and Syslog. 

How does an administrator configure ForgeRock to integrate with a CRM solution?

ForgeRock can synchronize data with a large range of CRM solutions using the Remote Connector Service (RCS) and connectors.

For example, the Salesforce connector lets you provision, reconcile, and synchronize users between Salesforce and the ForgeRock managed user repository. ForgeRock provides comprehensive documentation on how to install and configure the Salesforce connector, and how to perform basic tests to ensure that it is running correctly.

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