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ForgeRock Extended Limited Support Policy

Last updated Sep 20, 2022

The purpose of this article is to provide Extended Limited Support policy details and definitions to users of ForgeRock software who have purchased, or are considering purchasing, extended limited support.

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Extended Limited Support Policy Details

Extended Limited Support allows you to determine the optimal time for the upgrade of your ForgeRock Platform solution.

Extended Limited Support is available (for an additional fee) for two years following the end of Full Support, based on the EOSL policy (ForgeRock End of Service Life (EOSL) Policy and EOSL Dates). Extended Limited Support includes the following:

  • Patches for critical issues. See ForgeRock Maintenance Release and Patch Policy for the definition of a critical issue.
  • Security alerts and security fixes for issues reported at the Critical or High security level.
  • Access to Backstage and Knowledge Base articles.
  • Access to raise support tickets, which will be handled according to your usual SLAs; a support engineer will help you troubleshoot any technical issues with ForgeRock software and resolve them wherever possible.
  • Access to the latest supported ForgeRock Platform releases for you to upgrade.

Extended limited support does not include:

  • New features, functionality or design changes.
  • Additional Maintenance releases or individual non-Critical patches.

Full Support resumes when you upgrade to a supported version.

Security Note
  • It is vital to maintain the security of your ForgeRock deployment, which includes responding to security advisories and taking immediate action where necessary. Undiscovered vulnerabilities may exist in any software, including the ForgeRock Platform and its components.
  • Upgrading to a supported version, and keeping up-to-date with Maintenance releases, is the best way to ensure that you remain secure.

How do I request extended limited support?

If you require Extended Limited Support, please contact your Sales or Customer Success representative who will be able to assist you.

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