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How do I convert a PDB backend to a JE backend in DS 5.x or OpenDJ 3.x?

Last updated Apr 8, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide information on converting a PDB backend to a JE backend in DS/OpenDJ. You must convert your PDB backend before upgrading to DS 6.


This article has been archived and is no longer maintained by ForgeRock.


The PDB backend was introduced in OpenDJ 3, deprecated in DS 5 and removed in DS 6. Before upgrading to DS 6, you must convert your PDB backend to a JE backend. See Release Notes › What's New for further information.

This does not affect the embedded DS/OpenDJ in AM/OpenAM as that uses the JE backend by default.

Converting a PDB backend to a JE backend


We strongly recommend testing this conversion in your own staging environment first and ensuring you have up to date backups and recovery plans in case you encounter any issues.

The steps needed to convert your backend vary according to which version you are currently on:

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