Scripted SQL connector in OpenIDM 4.x fails to connect to database with a java.lang.AbstractMethodError

Last updated Jan 5, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance if your Scripted SQL connector in OpenIDM fails to connect to the database with a "java.lang.AbstractMethodError".


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An error similar to the following is shown in the OpenIDM log when attempting to connect to the database (in this example, a AS400 database):

Mar 8, 2016 11:26:42 AM org.forgerock.openidm.provisioner.openicf.impl.OpenICFProvisionerService init SEVERE: OpenICF connector test of SystemIdentifier{ uri='system/as400/'} failed! java.lang.AbstractMethodError:

Yet, your provisioner file and script for the connector are correctly configured.

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A possible cause is a mis-match in JDBC driver versions, where the version of the JDBC driver in the felix-cache is different to the version in your script.


This issue can be resolved by deleting the felix-cache:

  1. Stop the OpenIDM server.
  2. Delete the contents of the /path/to/openidm/felix-cache directory.
  3. Check that the driver version in /path/to/openidm/bundle matches the version within your script(s).
  4. Restart the OpenIDM server.

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