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What automation tools are available for installing, upgrading and configuring AM deployments?

Last updated Jan 18, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on the tools available to automate your AM deployments. These tools let you perform silent installations and upgrades, as well as configure or update a deployed AM server from a configuration file or using the REST API.

Automation tools

The following automation tools are available in AM:

  • Amster 

Amster is a lightweight command line interface, ideal for use in DevOps processes such as continuous integration and deployment. It is intended to replace the ssoadm, ampassword, configurator.jar and upgrade.jar tools, which are all deprecated. See Using Amster in AMAmster User guide and Amster Entity reference for further information.

  • configurator.jar 

configurator.jar is a Java® tool for creating an instance of an AM deployment. The tool takes a configuration file and sets up AM according to that file. When AM is installed from the AM admin UI, the parameters that would be used in the configuration.jar configuration file are written to the install log. This can be used as a quick way to generate such a configuration file. See Set up administration tools and configurator.jar for further information.

  • upgrade.jar 

upgrade.jar is a similar tool to the configurator.jar, but is used for performing upgrades. See Set up administration tools and upgrade.jar for further information.

  • ssoadm 

ssoadm is the original command line configuration tool for AM. Once AM is deployed, this tool can be used to configure all aspects of AM's configuration. The tool can be run in batch mode, which processes batches of commands contained in a file. See FAQ: Installing and using ssoadm in AMUsing ssoadm in AM and ssoadm for further information.


The REST API can be quickly understood by logging on as amAdmin, performing configuration changes and watching the interactions with the /json/* endpoints in a browser's developer tools. See REST in AMHow do I understand the underlying REST call being used in web requests in Identity Cloud or AM (All versions)? and Using the REST API in AM for further information. 

Alternatively, you can use the API Explorer to locate REST API endpoints as detailed in Online REST API reference.

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