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How do I enable debug logging for connectors in IDM (All versions)?

Last updated Jan 19, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on enabling debug logging for connectors in IDM to assist in troubleshooting. It also provides details on restricting logging to a particular connector.

Enabling debug logging for connectors

You can enable debug logging for the OpenICF framework, all connectors or a specific connector as follows:

  1. Shutdown the IDM instance:$ cd /path/to/idm $ ./
  2. Increase the logging level for the OpenICF framework and/or connectors by adding the following properties to the file (located in the /path/to/idm/conf directory) depending on what you want to debug:
    • Debug the OpenICF framework (you can use this in conjunction with all connector debugging or specific connector debugging):org.forgerock.openidm.provisioner.openicf.level = FINEST
    • Debug all connectors:org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.level = FINEST org.identityconnectors.level = FINEST
    • Debug a specific connector - see the table below for which properties should be added for each connector.
  3. Restart the IDM instance:$ cd /path/to/idm $ ./

Once you have reproduced the problem and collected the logs, you should remove or comment out the properties you added in step 2 to avoid filling up the disks where the logs are stored.

Debug properties for connectors

The following table shows which properties should be added to the file to enable debug logging for a specific connector:

Connector Required Properties
Adobe Marketing Cloud connector org.forgerock.openicf.acm.level = FINEST
CSV File connector org.forgerock.openicf.csvfile.level = FINEST
Database Table connector org.identityconnectors.databasetable.level = FINEST
DocuSign Connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.docusign.level = FINEST
Google Apps connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.googleapps.level = FINEST
Groovy connector Toolkit org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.groovy.level = FINEST
HubSpot connector rg.forgerock.openicf.connectors.hubspot.level = FINEST
Kerberos connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.kerberos.level = FINEST
LDAP connector org.identityconnectors.ldap.level = FINEST
Marketo connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.marketo.level = FINEST
MongoDB Connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.mongodb.level = FINEST
MS Graph API Java Connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.msgraphapi.level = FINEST
PowerShell connector Toolkit Org.ForgeRock.OpenICF.Connectors.MsPowerShell.level = FINEST
Salesforce connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.salesforce.level = FINEST
SAP connector
SCIM connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.scim.level = FINEST
Scripted REST connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.scriptedrest.level = FINEST
Scripted SQL connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.scriptedsql.level = FINEST
ServiceNow connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.servicenow.level = FINEST
SSH connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.ssh.level = FINEST
Workday connector org.forgerock.openicf.connectors.workday.level = FINEST

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