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Contacting ForgeRock support

Last updated Jun 29, 2022

The purpose of this article is to provide information on contacting ForgeRock support. You can contact ForgeRock support by raising a ticket online (preferred) or by calling the support hotline.

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Contacting support

You can contact ForgeRock support as follows:

  • Raise a ticket online.
  • Call ForgeRock by phone.

Raise a ticket online

This is the preferred way of contacting ForgeRock support as we can track technical detail accurately and is covered in more detail in the following articles:


If you have a P1 (Urgent) issue such as a production system down, please raise a ticket first and then if required you can call one of the numbers below to escalate it, quoting the ticket number.

Call ForgeRock by phone

There is normally no need to call us because we will respond to your ticket as soon as possible. 

If you would like to discuss one of your tickets you may call us; however, you may find it more convenient to request a call back by adding a reply to your ticket. This way we can make sure your ticket owner or someone with the relevant experience is available at a mutually agreeable time.


Our support desk is English-speaking but the numbers below are offered for your convenience. We are aware that there may not be a number in your country and may require an international call. If you would like us to consider adding a support desk number for your country please let us know.

Support Hotline International Numbers:

Location Number Other information
Australia +61 283 105 075  
Australia +61 1800 870 507 Toll free
Germany +49 8938 034226  
Hong Kong +852 5808 9485  
France +33 1 86 26 71 64  
France +33 8 05 08 06 92 Toll free
New Zealand +64 9 887 4496  
New Zealand +64 800 005 631 Toll free
Norway +47 21 03 06 71  
Republic of Ireland +353 1 485 3539  
Singapore +65 3158 8601  
United Kingdom +44 800 012 4104 Toll free
United States +1 888 732 9630 Toll free
United States +1 503 388 5975  

Our support desk will create a new ticket or update your current ticket, where relevant, and a manager or support engineer (as appropriate) will contact you about your issue.

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