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How do I invoke a reconciliation using the openidm.action function in OpenIDM 3.x?

Last updated Jan 5, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide information on invoking a reconciliation using the openidm.action function in OpenIDM.


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The syntax used for the openidm.action function changed between 2.x and 3.x. The following section describes the function in OpenIDM 3.x.

For OpenIDM 4.x and later, you should refer to the documentation: Integrator's Guide › openidm.action(resource, actionName, content, params, fields).

Invoking a reconciliation using the openidm.action function

The method signature for this function is:



  1. resource path (string)
  2. action name (string)
  3. request content (full complex object support)
  4. request parameters (flat map of strings)

This maps to REST calls via http as follows:

POST /openidm/resourcePath?_action=actionName&requestParameter1=val1&requestParameter2=val2 { "requesContent1": "val1" }


If your request to trigger reconciliation from http is:

POST /openidm/recon?_action=recon&mapping=myMappingName

then your call to openidm.action would look like this:

openidm.action("recon", "recon", null, { "mapping": "myMappingName" })

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