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How do I check if IG (All versions) is up and running?

Last updated Dec 9, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide a way to check if IG is up and running when it is behind a load balancer.

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Checking if IG is up and running

IG 7 and later

In IG 7 and later, you can use the ping endpoint to check if IG is available, for example:

You will receive a HTTP 200 if IG is available.

Pre-IG 7

Since most of what IG does is proxy, its health mainly depends on the health of upstream applications for which IG is the proxy.

The following method provides a simple way to check that IG is up and running by establishing that IG can read its configuration and return a result without depending on a downstream application. The static text and URI shown are just examples; you should use values that make sense in the environment where IG is deployed:  

  1. Create a simple isAlive route. The result should return a 200 status along with some static text; for example, "Server is ALIVE". These results can be used to check the health of IG.
  2. Add a new route to the IG configuration. For example, you could create a 00-isAlive.json file in the $HOME/.openig/config/routes directory, similar to the following: {  "handler": {       "type": "StaticResponseHandler",       "config": {         "status": 200,         "reason": "Found",         "entity": "Server is ALIVE"       }     },   "condition": "${request.uri.path == '/isAlive.jsp'}" }Notice that /openig/ is not used for the route since this is reserved for admin purposes only; instead the /isAlive.jsp URI is used in this example.
  3. Configure the load balancer to check the results from this URL, for example, by calling the following URL:

If you require more detailed checks, you could make use of a ScriptableHandler instead: ScriptableHandler.

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