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How do I check if IG (All versions) is up and running?

Last updated Feb 27, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on ways you can check if IG is up and running when it is behind a load balancer.

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Checking if IG is up and running

Using the ping endpoint (IG 7 and later)

In IG 7 and later, you can use the ping endpoint to check if IG is available, for example:

You will receive a HTTP 200 if IG is available.

Using an isAlive route (All versions)

Since most of what IG does is proxy, its health mainly depends on the health of upstream applications for which IG is the proxy.

The following method provides a simple way to check that IG is up and running by establishing that IG can read its configuration and return a result without depending on a downstream application. The static text and URI shown are just examples; you should use values that make sense in the environment where IG is deployed:

  1. Create a simple isAlive route. The result should return a 200 status along with some static text; for example, "Server is ALIVE". These results can be used to check the health of IG.
  2. Add a new route to the IG configuration. For example, you could create a 00-isAlive.json file in the $HOME/.openig/config/routes directory, similar to the following: {  "handler": {       "name": "001-isalive"       "type": "StaticResponseHandler",       "config": {         "status": 200,         "reason": "Found",         "entity": "Server is ALIVE"       }     },   "condition": "${request.uri.path == '/isAlive.jsp'}" }Notice that /openig/ is not used for the route since this is reserved for admin purposes only; instead the /isAlive.jsp URI is used in this example.
  3. Configure the load balancer to check the results from this URL, for example, by calling the following URL:

If you require more detailed checks, you could make use of a ScriptableHandler instead: ScriptableHandler.

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