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ForgeRock Glossary

Last updated Mar 13, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide definitions for terms used by ForgeRock.

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Term Definition
Backstage Backstage is our customer support portal that provides one stop access to ForgeRock services such as downloading software, security patches, raising and tracking support tickets, product documentation and the technical support Knowledge Base.
Binary builds Binary builds are versions of the software that have been built and tested by ForgeRock. These are supported by ForgeRock and are available for download from Backstage
Git Git is a source code management system used for storing the source code for ForgeRock software.
JIRA JIRA® is the issue tracking system that ForgeRock uses for tracking issues and bugs through their lifecycle to resolution. You can view issues via the Issue Tracking page on Backstage.
Maven™ Apache Maven™ is a build tool that ForgeRock recommends for building from source. 
Nightly builds Nightly builds are the very latest versions of in-development software that are built each night. These builds are intended for evaluation, testing and proof of concept purposes only; they are unstable by their very nature (not fully tested) and are not supported for use in production. There may or may not be supporting documentation available (snapshot documents). Nightly builds of software can be downloaded as detailed in: Can I access nightly builds and documentation for ForgeRock products?
Snapshot documentation Snapshot documents are the documentation equivalent of nightly builds. They are the very latest versions of in-progress documents but should be treated with caution as they have not been tested or verified. Snapshot documents can be accessed as detailed in: Can I access nightly builds and documentation for ForgeRock products?
Subscription A subscription provides full access to ForgeRock software and support services. Contact us via our website for further information.
University University provides training for ForgeRock products. You can find out more about upcoming courses from ForgeRock University Training

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