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How do I control how long replication changes are retained in DS (All versions)?

Last updated Jun 15, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance on changing the replication purge delay setting to control how long replication changes are retained in DS. Replication changes are saved to the External Changelog (cn=changelog) and are kept for three days by default. Changing this setting will affect the size of the changelog. The changelog is stored in the replication changes database (changelogDb directory).

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Do not compress, tamper with, or otherwise alter changelog database files directly unless specifically instructed to do so by a qualified ForgeRock technical support engineer. External changes to changelog database files can render them unusable by the server. By default, changelog database files are located under the /path/to/ds/changelogDb directory.

Changing the replication purge delay

Enter one of the following commands to change the replication purge delay depending on your version:

  • DS 7 and later: $ ./dsconfig --port 4444 --hostname --bindDN uid=admin --bindPassword password --no-prompt set-synchronization-provider-prop --provider-name "Multimaster Synchronization" --set replication-purge-delay:[timeperiod]
  • Pre-DS 7: $ ./dsconfig --port 4444 --hostname --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPassword password --no-prompt set-replication-server-prop --provider-name "Multimaster Synchronization" --set replication-purge-delay:[timeperiod]

Replacing [timeperiod] with an appropriate value that consists of a number and a letter, for example, 5d for five days and 1w for one week.


Information about replication changes are permanently gone once they have been purged from the changelog; you must ensure that you set this appropriately to ensure you keep data long enough for replication and data recovery purposes.

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