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ForgeRock Issue Tracker (JIRA)

Last updated Dec 14, 2022

The purpose of this article is to provide information on viewing and tracking issues and requests.

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ForgeRock customers can access issues associated with their support tickets from the Issue Tracking page on Backstage.


ForgeRock has recently made improvements to help customers track their issues and requests in Backstage. Detailed information is now visible directly via Backstage. The changes can be seen by clicking on Issue Tracking under the Support tab, where, if there is a linked issue, clicking on the Issue ID will take you to a detailed page with information related to your ticket. You no longer need to navigate to a separate system and log in to follow up on requests. As of August 2022, we will no longer offer the option for new access requests to ForgeRock's JIRA system.

Issue Tracking

  1. Navigate to the Issue Tracking page on Backstage. 

The Issue Tracking page displays all the issues associated with your tickets. You can see their status, priority and the tickets to which they are linked. For example:

  1. Click the Id of the issue you are interested in to view further details about the issue; this view provides similar details to what would have been displayed in JIRA. For example: 

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