Unexpected exception InternalException encountered while checking url http://:80/ occurs for IIS policy agents 3.x

Last updated Jan 5, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance if you notice the following errors in your policy agent log: "am_web_is_notification(): Unexpected exception InternalException encountered while checking url http://:80/" when using IIS Web policy agents 3.x.

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The following error is shown in the policy agent debug log (amAgent):

2016-08-14 12:17:28.667 Error 2236:219d0d0 all: am_web_is_notification(): Unexpected exception InternalException encountered while checking url http://:80/.

Recent Changes

Changed the load balancer configuration.


The Host header is missing from the incoming http request. This is a mandatory header since HTTP/1.1; it must contain the domain name of the server and the TCP port number on which the server is listening.

You can check if it is missing as follows:

  1. Determine where the request is coming from; this is likely to be a load balancer doing a heartbeat request. You can check the IIS access logs for the timestamps corresponding to the errors seen in your policy agent debug log to identity the origin of the request.
  2. Inspect the incoming request to check if the Host header exists. You can check the policy agent debug log for details of the header or use a script. See FAQ: Configuring Agents in Identity Cloud and AM (Q. Why can't I see the http_header attributes in the browser?) for further information on checking your http_header. 


This issue can be resolved by ensuring the Host header is included in the incoming http request. You should contact the administrator responsible for the incoming request, for example, the load balancer, and ask them to include the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) in the Host header.


You should also ensure the load balancer URL is mapped as a virtual host. See Web Policy Agent Guide › Introducing OpenAM Web Policy Agents › FQDN Checking for further information.

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