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Unsupported Content-Type for part in multipart/form-data error when uploading identities in Identity Cloud

Last updated Apr 22, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance if you encounter the "Unsupported Content-Type for part in multipart/form-data" error when bulk importing identities from a CSV file in Identity Cloud.


Importing identities from a CSV file fails when using the Identity Cloud Import Identities option. 

You will see the following error in the Upload CSV dialog when you try to import a file:

Unsupported Content-Type for part in multipart/form-data

You may find that the same CSV file can be imported from different machines or using a different browser.

The following response is shown if you examine network traffic using your browser's Developer Tools or capture a HAR file:

{  "code": 415,   "reason": "Unsupported Media Type",   "message": "Unsupported Content-Type for part in multipart/form-data" }

And you will notice that the POST request to the upload/csv endpoint shows the Content-Type as:

Content-Type: application/

You can capture a HAR file as described in: How do I create a HAR file for troubleshooting Identity Cloud?

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The Chrome™ and Microsoft® Edge browsers incorrectly set the MIME type to application/ on Microsoft Windows machines that have Microsoft Office installed. This MIME type should only be used for Excel files. This is a known issue with Chromium-based browsers: Issue 139105: incorrect mime-type for csv-files.

Identity Cloud is RFC compliant (RFC 4180) and expects a MIME type of text/csv, which is what causes the Unsupported Content-Type error.


This issue can be resolved using one of the following approaches:

  • Change the file extension of the CSV file to .txt and upload the .txt file instead.
  • Use a different browser, for example Firefox® or Safari®, to upload the CSV file.

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