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What environments are available in Identity Cloud and what is the promotion process?

Last updated Mar 3, 2022

The purpose of this article is to explain what environments are available in ForgeRock Identity Cloud and how you should use them. It also provides information about the promotion process.

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Identity Cloud comes with three separate tenant environments, where each has a different purpose:

Using multiple environments ensures any changes you make are fully tested before they are made available to end users. 

ForgeRock promotes configuration from Development to Staging or Staging to Production. You cannot promote configuration straight from Development to Production. See Understanding the promotion process for further information.

Sandbox environments

A Sandbox environment can also be added to your subscription if required; this is a completely separate environment from your tenant environments and configuration cannot be promoted from it. See Sandbox Environments for further information. 


The Development environment is the place where you can develop and test out potentially breaking changes without impacting other environments or users. Once these changes have been fully tested and any bugs fixed, you can request these changes are promoted to your Staging environment. 

You should note the following:

  • It is a mutable environment. This means you can customize it and build new authentication experiences, all through a cloud-based UI and API.
  • It is not scaled for high availability or performance, and should not be used for any performance or load testing.


The Staging environment is intended for testing applications with realistic settings and data. It should mirror your Production environment as closely as possible.

Once your changes have been promoted to Staging, you should test them thoroughly to ensure they work as expected in a realistic environment and also to performance/load test your changes to ensure they do not impact performance. Once you have completed your testing, you can request these changes are promoted to your Production environment. 

You should note the following:

  • It is an immutable environment.
  • It is scaled for high availability and performance to match your Production environment to facilitate realistic testing.


The Production environment contains all your live data, and is intended for real applications and end users. No development or testing should take place in this environment.

You should note the following:

  • It is an immutable environment.
  • It is scaled for high availability and performance.

Understanding the promotion process

When you want configuration promoted from one environment to another, you should raise a support ticket to request this. See Best practice for raising an Identity Cloud ticket with ForgeRock Support for further information on what you should include in your ticket. 

The high-level process for promotion is as follows:

  1. Request promotion from your Development environment to Staging via a support ticket.
  2. Confirm your Staging environment is working correctly after promotion. It is important you test your Staging environment thoroughly to ensure it is working as expected before proceeding.
  3. Request promotion from your Staging environment to Production via a support ticket.

Please be aware of the following important points:

  • All static configuration in an environment is promoted. This means you cannot pick and choose what items are promoted, or only promote one realm but not the other. See How do we determine what is static and dynamic configuration? for further information on static configuration.
  • All promotions are done within normal business hours (Monday - Friday) in the GMT and US Central time zones.
  • All promotions are done by the end of the next working day.
  • When we promote configuration from your Development environment to Staging, we lock the configuration to prevent any changes during the promotion period. This ensures the environments stay in sync.
  • Automated backups are taken regularly and all configuration is stored in Git with the history preserved.

See Promote Configuration for further information.

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