FAQ: Moving from Sun IDM to OpenIDM

Last updated Jan 5, 2021

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding moving from Sun® IDM to OpenIDM.


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Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I migrate current user passwords from Sun IDM to OpenIDM?

A. There isn't an easy way to migrate current user passwords from Sun IDM to OpenIDM. However, if you are already using OpenDJ and have migrated your user records from your previous directory server to OpenDJ, you can use the OpenDJ Password Sync plugin to intercept password changes in OpenDJ and push them to users within OpenIDM.

You can download this plugin from BackStage.

See OpenIDM Integrator's Guide › Synchronizing Passwords With OpenDJ for further information.

Q. Does OpenIDM provide ActiveSync capabilities?

A. Yes, OpenIDM provides similar capabilities using the same set of connectors as Sun IDM. This functionality is known as LiveSync in OpenIDM and is typically run as a scheduled background process. The main difference is mappings are used in LiveSync instead of UserForms and XPRESS to define transformations.

See OpenIDM Integrator's Guide › Types of Synchronization for further information.

Q. Are there any known compatibility issues if I do not uninstall Sun IDM?

A. If you are planning to use the OpenIDM Password Sync Service (AD Password Sync Plugin), you should ensure you uninstall the Sun IDM passwordSync before installing the AD Password Sync Plugin on the same Active Directory® domain controller. Both password synchronization services use a dll with the same name, which can cause compatibility issues.

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