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FAQ: Upgrading from Microgateway to Identity Gateway Standalone

Last updated Feb 23, 2023

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions about upgrading from Microgateway to Identity Gateway (IG) standalone.


The Microgateway product was developed to support IG use-cases without the need for a traditional web container and is optimized to run in containerized environments. It has since been superseded by the release of IG standalone, which has been available since the release of IG 7.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Microgateway just the same as IG standalone?

A. IG standalone makes use of the same underlying technology as Microgateway and configuring IG standalone follows the exact same pattern as Microgateway. IG standalone was released after Microgateway and provides a superset of the use-cases supported in Microgateway. Many new improvements and features have been added to IG standalone since it was first released and it works equally well in containerized environments.

Q. What are the key differences between Microgateway and IG standalone?

A. Microgateway only provides access to a subset of the IG standalone use-cases, but all use-cases currently supported in Microgateway are supported in IG standalone. IG standalone can be configured with a connector in admin.json that supports SSL/TLS.

Q. What is needed to upgrade the required configuration items?

A. Apart from specific cases mentioned below, the admin.json and config.json used in Microgateway can be used without change in an IG standalone setup.

Q. What upgrade areas need to be considered?

A. Any Microgateway configurations that make use of the optional tls configuration item (for example, in a ClientHandler, ReverseProxyHandler or an AmService notification) should migrate from the TlsOptions configuration object to the newer ClientTlsOptions configuration object because the TlsOptions object has been deprecated and backwards compatibility of the tls:TlsOptions configuration item may be removed in future iterations of IG. See ClientTlsOptions for further information.

During startup and when reloading routes, IG will log a warning for any deprecated configuration items found.

Q. Can IG Standalone be used with Docker?

A. IG standalone ships with an example Dockerfile and is supported in a containerized deployment.

Q. What is IG Studio?

A. IG Studio is a user interface to help you build and deploy your IG configuration. IG Studio is deprecated in IG 2023.2.

Microgateway does not support the use of the IG Studio to develop routes. This is a feature that is enabled in IG standalone when in development mode but is disabled by default. As with the Microgatateway, it is not recommended to have IG standalone in development mode when being used in a production environment.

Q. What is happening to the Token Validation Microservice?

A. The companion Token Validation Microservice will continue to be developed/refreshed.

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