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Does the ForgeRock solution integrate with ServiceNow?

Last updated Jan 23, 2023

ForgeRock can integrate with ServiceNow® to provide both identity management and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities.


ServiceNow's many products and solutions help organizations increase operational efficiencies by managing digital workflows and automating repetitive operations.

ForgeRock can integrate with the ServiceNow platform to provide:

  • Identity management capabilities (provisioning, synchronization and reconciliation) 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities

Identity management 

ForgeRock includes a REST API that can be used to manage objects, such as identities and accounts. ServiceNow and ForgeRock can work together to provide user interface and workflow capabilities in ServiceNow, with identity provisioning, synchronization and reconciliation provided by ForgeRock.

You can integrate ForgeRock and ServiceNow for identity management in two ways:

  • ForgeRock initiated. With this integration, ForgeRock's ServiceNow connector lets you manage identities in ServiceNow, by integrating with ServiceNow’s REST API. See ServiceNow connector (Identity Cloud) and ServiceNow connector (IDM) for further information.
  • ServiceNow initiated. With this integration, an end user requests access to a resource in ServiceNow, then ServiceNow communicates with ForgeRock to provision the access. This is done using ForgeRock REST API calls to trigger the provisioning process. See this blog article for further information.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With this integration, ForgeRock acts as the identity provider (IdP) and ServiceNow as the service provider (SP). Once configured, ServiceNow users can sign in to ServiceNow with ForgeRock using SAML2 SSO in an SP-initiated flow.

See ServiceNow SSO integration with Identity Cloud as SAML identity provider for further information on configuring SSO integration with Identity Cloud.

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