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How do I update REST API calls after upgrading to a newer version of AM?

Last updated Apr 13, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide a single point of reference for evolving REST API endpoints. You can use this information to find equivalent REST API endpoints after upgrading AM, where known endpoints have been deprecated or removed in later versions of AM.

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Deprecated / removed endpoints (AM 7)

No endpoints were deprecated or removed in AM 7.

Deprecated / removed endpoints (AM 6.5)

No endpoints were deprecated or removed in AM 6.5.

Deprecated / removed endpoints (AM 6)

No endpoints were deprecated or removed in AM 6.

Deprecated endpoints (AM 5.5)

The following endpoint is deprecated in AM 5.5; you should use the replacement endpoint going forward:

Deprecated endpoints Replacement endpoints
/oauth2/connect/register /oauth2/register

Deprecated endpoints (AM 5)

The following endpoints are deprecated in AM 5; you should use the replacement endpoints going forward:

Deprecated endpoints Replacement endpoints
/json/realms /json/global-service/realms

/oauth2/introspect (to read and list OAuth 2.0 tokens)

/oauth2/token/revoke (to delete (revoke) OAuth 2.0 tokens)





/json/sessions/?_action=isActive&refresh=true /json/sessions/?_action=refresh



/json/sessions/?_action=setProperty /json/sessions/?_action=updateSessionProperties

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