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Connection issues cause replication to fail in DS (All versions)

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance if replication fails in DS due to a connection issue. You will see an error such as "The connection from this replication server RS(1234) to replication server RS(5678) at for domain "dc=example,dc=com" has failed" when this happens.

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Replication fails and you see an error such as the following in your logs:

[25/Aug/2017:10:27:23 +0000] category=SYNC severity=SEVERE_ERROR msgID=14942389 msg=The connection from this replication server RS(1234) to replication server RS(5678) at for domain "dc=example,dc=com" has failed

Observing the connection flow

When a DS instance starts, the connection flow should be as follows:

  1. The instance starts up the Replication Server (RS) and starts listening for connections on the replication port.
  2. The local RS connects to a remote RS for each domain; cn=schema, cn=admin data (deprecated in DS 7) and the replicated backend.
  3. The local Directory Server (DS) for each domain connects to its local RS.

When you encounter this error, you will be able to observe the DS connecting to its local RS in the log files, but you will not see the local RS connecting to the remote RS:

  • You will see messages similar to the following to indicate that the DS has connected to the local RS: [21/Jun/2017:16:17:24 -0400] category=SYNC severity=INFORMATION msgID=131 msg=Replication server RS(1234) has accepted a connection from directory server DS(5678) for domain "dc=example,dc=com" at
  • But you will not see messages like the following that show the local RS connecting to the remote RS: [21/Jun/2017:16:17:56 -0400] category=SYNC severity=INFORMATION msgID=116 msg=Replication server RS(9012) has accepted a connection from replication server RS(1234) for domain "dc=example,dc=com" at

Recent Changes

Network changes, such as updates to the firewall.


The local RS cannot connect to the remote RS; this happens when the RS server is down or unreachable.


You need to check that the following are all true, and if not, resolve any issues you encounter:

  • The remote RS is up and running.
  • The network is working correctly.
  • The local RS can successfully connect to the remote RS over the network. You should test connectivity as indicated below. If connectivity fails, here are a few suggested things to check that can commonly prevent connection:
    • Is there a firewall or other network device blocking the replication port and/or the admin port?
    • Is the hostname resolution as expected? For example, can the DNS resolve each hostname from the other server? Do the hostnames resolve to IP addresses physically present on the servers?

Once you have resolved any issues and confirmed that the local RS can connect to the remote RS, you will need to reinitialize replication and ensure the servers are in sync. You can reinitialize replication using the initialize command, for example:

  • DS 7.1 and later: $ ./dsrepl initialize --bindDN uid=admin --bindPassword password --baseDN dc=example,dc=com --toServer ds-1 --hostname localhost --port 4444 --trustStorePath /path/to/ds/config/keystore --trustStorePassword:file /path/to/ds/config/ --no-prompt
  • DS 7: $ ./dsrepl initialize --bindDN uid=admin --bindPassword password --baseDN dc=example,dc=com --toServer ds-1 --hostname localhost --port 4444 --trustStorePath /path/to/ds/config/keystore --trustStorePasswordFile /path/to/ds/config/ --no-prompt
  • DS 6.x: $ ./dsreplication initialize --adminUID admin --adminPassword password --baseDN dc=example,dc=com --hostSource --portSource 4444 --hostDestination --portDestination 5444 --trustAll --no-prompt

Testing connectivity

You should test connectivity to ensure that each server can connect to each others' replication ports. You can use a variety of tools for this, for example:

  • OpenSSL: $ openssl s_client -connect [remote_server]:[replication_port]
  • Telnet: $ telnet [remote_server] [replication_port]

Ensure that you test connectivity from all servers to verify that all connections are working as expected.

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