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Getting access to product support

Last updated Jan 23, 2023

Access to product support is only granted to valid members of a subscription account. This article provides instructions on how subscription customers can join and add members to their subscription services.

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Subscription based services

  • If your company (organization) has a subscription agreement with ForgeRock, you are entitled to use subscription based services.
  • Each customer organization has one or more subscriptions that uniquely identify their subscription agreement(s).
  • Each subscription must have valid members that are regular users or administrators.
  • Administrators of an organization have the privilege to add or invite new members to the subscription.


The following steps are needed to join a subscription account and access product support:

  1. Join a subscription
  2. Access product support

If the email address associated with your user ID is unverified, you will need to verify it before accessing the support system. If you haven't received your verification email, it may be in the Spam folder of your email account or you can resend a verification email as detailed in Logging in to ForgeRock services.

Join a subscription

You can request to join a subscription as detailed below, or you can simply contact one of the administrators in your organization and ask them to grant you access. See Administering Subscriptions to learn more about administrative roles and tasks.

To request to join a subscription:

  1. Go to the Subscriptions page and click Join a subscription .
  2. Enter your 16 digit Support Key and click Join.
    • This will send a notification to all the admins of the subscription, who can then choose to add you as a member.
    • If there are no administrators assigned to your organization, Backstage Support will receive a notification and assist with your request.

Once you have been granted access, you will have to refresh the page in your browser for the change to take effect.


If you encounter any issues, please go to the Subscriptions page and click Ask for help or email

Access product support

You can now access the support system:

  1. Go to the Support Tickets page.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact us at

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