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How do I avoid common pitfalls when upgrading DS (All versions)?

Last updated Jan 6, 2022

The purpose of this article is to provide information on common pitfalls you should be aware of before upgrading DS.

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Upgrading DS

To ensure your upgrade goes smoothly, this article provides pre-upgrade advice, including advice common to all versions and version specific known issues.


As with any software upgrade, we strongly recommend testing the procedure in your own development environment first and ensuring you have up to date backups and recovery plans in case you encounter any issues. You should also make sure you read the release notes relating to the new version of DS so that you are fully aware of all the changes.

Upgrade advice for all versions

Newer versions of DS will install and work seamlessly with older versions in a cluster to allow for a rolling upgrade. Replication will also work between different versions of DS. 

This advice includes, but is not limited to:

Known issues in DS 6.x


Before upgrading to DS 6.x, you must convert the PDB backend to a JE backend since this backend is removed in DS 6. See How do I convert a PDB backend to a JE backend in DS 5.x or OpenDJ 3.x? for further information.

The following known issues may affect you post-upgrade - workarounds are included where applicable:

Known issues in DS 5.x

The following known issue may affect you post-upgrade - workarounds are included where applicable:

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