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How do I change the Signing Key for Federation in OpenAM 13.x?

Last updated Jan 5, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide information on changing the Signing Key for Federation in OpenAM. This information applies to changing SAML2 and OAuth certificates if you are using XUI.

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Changing the signing key

The default 'test' certificate alias used for SAML2 and OAuth signing keys is also used by the XUI and for REST authentication in OpenAM.


If you have multiple servers in a site, you can clone the keys and certificates by exporting and re-importing to another keystore or by simply copying the keystore across. The aliases in the keystores don't have to match providing each server points to the right aliases for its own keystore.

The JKS keystore is used in OpenAM 13; a new JCEKS keystore type was introduced in OpenAM 13.5, which is used by default for new OpenAM 13.5 installations. If you have upgraded to OpenAM 13.5, the JKS keystore is still used by default. See OpenAM 13.5 Release Notes › Smarter Security Features for further information about the JCEKS keystore.

The keystore type affects the process used to change the signing key as follows:

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