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FAQ: Source code in AM

Last updated Jul 15, 2021

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding source code and binaries in AM.

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ForgeRock support covers the use of the official binary builds made available and downloaded from our customer portal: BackStage. We will support builds made from source providing no changes have been made to the core code of the product, the product was built from a tag that matches an official release, for example, 6 and said product was built using the ForgeRock build scripts provided as part of the source. In the event that a customer experiences an issue with a ForgeRock product built from source where ForgeRock believe the issue is as a result of the build process, ForgeRock reserves the right to ask the customer to attempt to reproduce the issue on an official ForgeRock binary build. Customers who are running custom builds or who need further clarification should contact their ForgeRock sales representative.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I access source code to extend AM functionality?

A. The source code to extend AM functionality is available in the am-external repository hosted on our Bitbucket® Server. This code allows you to extend functionality such as the XUI, authentication nodes, authentication modules, the IdRepo, RADIUS code or the Push Notification framework.

See Where can I find source code for AM (All versions)? and Understanding source code access for ForgeRock products for further information.

Q. What credentials do I use to log into Bitbucket?

A. You can log into Bitbucket with your BackStage username and password. Your BackStage username is different to your email address.


You can log into BackStage using either your email address or username, but you must use your username to log into Bitbucket.

You must also be authenticated to access the Maven repositories; see How do I access the ForgeRock protected Maven repositories? for further information. 

Q. How do I access nightly builds and documentation?

A. You can access nightly builds (binaries) and documentation as detailed in How do I access nightly builds and documentation for ForgeRock products?

Q. How do I access the source code for the ForgeRock Authenticator app?

A. You can access the source code for the ForgeRock Authenticator app from the following repositories:

See How do I update and recompile the iOS authenticator app with custom branding in AM (All versions)? for further information on branding the iOS app. 

Q. How do I find copyright and license information for external libraries and dependencies used to build AM?

A. This information can be found in the unpacked AM war file or zip file for your AM version. Look for the third-party-copyrights.txt file in the legal-notices directory.

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