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How do I stop DS (All versions) to perform a clean shutdown?

Last updated Jun 15, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide information on stopping DS in order to perform a clean shutdown. It also highlights the importance of shutting down DS properly.

Shutting down DS

DS needs to properly shut down to release any internal locks and write database specific information to the applicable files. The files in question differ depending on the type of backend in use (the PDB backend was deprecated in DS 5 and removed in DS 6):

  • JE backend files:
    • je.config.csv
    • je.stat.csv
  • PDB backend files:
    • dj
    • dj.lck
    • dj.log
    • dj_journal.000000000001
    • dj_journal.000000000002

If DS is not shut down properly, it runs a recovery process upon startup; this process takes time and can also cause strange errors to be seen in your logs during startup. In extreme circumstances, failing to shut down DS properly can corrupt the backend databases.


If you use AM with an embedded DS, you must ensure you shut down AM properly for the same reasons prior to restarting the server. 

The correct process for shutting down DS is documented in Stop a Server. You should ensure your init script achieves a proper shutdown. Similarly, the Microsoft® Windows® service can also be used to shut down DS properly.

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