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How do I upgrade the Remote Connector Server (RCS) for Identity Cloud and IDM?

Last updated Mar 3, 2022

The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on how to upgrade the RCS for ForgeRock Identity Cloud and IDM.

Upgrading the RCS

You can upgrade the RCS as follows:

  1. Download the new RCS package from Backstage.
  2. Stop the RCS by pressing CTRL + C, or q in the terminal where you started the server.
  3. Rename the existing RCS directory to create a backup, for example:$ mv /path/to/openicf /path/to/openicf_old
  4. Unpack the RCS package you downloaded (you should unpack this to the original directory to keep paths etc the same), for example:$ unzip
  5. Copy the following files from your backup to the new RCS directory to retain all your previous settings:
    • conf/
    • lib/framework/logback.xml (if you have set up the RCS for debug logging)

For example:$ cd /path/to/openicf $ cp /path/to/openicf_old/conf/ conf/ $ cp /path/to/openicf_old/lib/framework/logback.xml lib/framework/

  1. Restart the RCS:$ /path/to/openicf/bin/ /run

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