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Onboarding Technical Snapshot Questionnaire

Last updated Feb 1, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on the type of technical details we require regarding your environment.

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To give us a deeper understanding of your environment, please share some technical details about your deployment and roadmap. Below is a list of questions to get you started. The answers to these questions will give us a greater insight into your deployment and prevent the need to ask these same questions with each ticket.

Please share this information with us by raising a ticket and attach any other useful information that you can share, such as deployment diagrams.

Thank you in advance for your information.


1. Customer Contact Details

Contact Type Name Phone Email Location

2. Location of Corp Head Quarters



3. Please describe your various environments, (e.g. Development, Test, Staging, Production, etc). Please include the number of AM / DS / IDM servers used in each deployment.



4. What versions of AM / DS / IDM / IG are you presently using and what versions will go to production if you are not in production yet?



5. Will this be a migration or a new installation? If migration, please provide details and version you are migrating from?



6. What OS platform (including version) is AM running on? (e.g. Windows, Linux, Red Hat, CentOS, Solaris). Please indicate if deployed on any type of Virtual Machine.



7. What HTTP Server (including version) are you using to deploy AM? (e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, WebLogic).



8. What JDK/JRE version are you using?



9. What data stores (including version) are present (for both User and Configuration stores)? If using DS, are you using the embedded or external directory server? Are you using the default DS schema or will this be customized?



10. What Authentication Modules and Chains are you using?



11. Are you using load balancers and/or proxies in your deployments? Please describe these (brand, model, publisher, etc), and include load balancing details such as balance method (e.g. round robin, and whether sticky sessions are employed).



12. If you are using load balancers and/or proxies, are you using SSL on the public side? If so, is this terminated at the load balancer/proxy? If not, is the session re-encrypted or passed through using your public certificate to AM / DS? 



13. Please describe your Firewall configuration, (e.g. Core AM servers in DMZ, Administrative servers behind the firewall).



14. How many users will your deployment support in production? Of those, how many are public and private? 



15. How many active, concurrent sessions do you anticipate in production? What is the average individual session lifetime? 



16. Will you employ Session Failover? DS synchronization? 



17. Will your deployment be housed at a single physical facility? If not, please describe the geographical sites located in your WAN. 



18. How many realms will your AM deployment support? What are their purposes? 



19. How many policies (per realm) do you expect to have enforced in your AM deployment? 



20. How many agents do you plan to use? Please provide Agent types including version.



21. Will you use Federation? If so, please describe the IdP/SP relationships between AM and federated services.



22. Will you employ fedlets? 



23. Does your deployment require any custom integrated code, e.g. post-auth modules? 



24. Do you plan to customize AM's user-facing JSP pages? If yes, to what extent?



25. Lastly, please describe any pertinent details you feel are important that we missed in the list above.



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