Where can I find source code for the Identity Edge Controller (All versions)

Last updated Feb 6, 2020

The purpose of this article is to provide information on working with the Identity Edge Controller (IEC) source code in our Git repositories.


ForgeRock support covers the use of the official binary builds made available and downloaded from our customer portal: BackStage. We will support builds made from source providing no changes have been made to the core code of the product, the product was built from a tag that matches an official release, for example, 6 and said product was built using the ForgeRock build scripts provided as part of the source. In the event that a customer experiences an issue with a ForgeRock product built from source where ForgeRock believe the issue is as a result of the build process, ForgeRock reserves the right to ask the customer to attempt to reproduce the issue on an official ForgeRock binary build. Customers who are running custom builds or who need further clarification should contact their ForgeRock sales representative.


IEC Core is an open source project that contains the source code and build instructions for the edge components of the IEC. The edge components include the IEC Service, IEC SDK and IEC Utility. See Getting Started for further information.

Customers and partners can contribute to the project providing they have a subscription with ForgeRock. See Getting access to product support for further information.

To build or customize ForgeRock code, you require access to the Git repositories hosted on our BitBucket® Server. This article covers Using source code.


The build process does not use Maven at all. This means you do not require a valid ~/.m2/settings.xml file to build the IEC.

Using source code

The following table details common source-related tasks, the associated Git repository and related documentation:

Task Versions Git repository Associated documentation
Building the IEC 6.5 and later identity-edge-controller-core Test and build instructions

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