FAQ: Evaluation versions of ForgeRock products

Last updated Mar 11, 2020

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding the evaluation versions of ForgeRock products (AM, DS, IDM and IG).

Frequently asked questions

Q. If I deploy an Evaluation version and then get a subscription, do I need to install a non-evaluation version?

A. Yes, you will need to install non-evaluation versions in all your environments once you have a subscription.

Q. Are the Evaluation versions supported?

A. No, the Evaluation versions are not supported. You must use non-evaluation versions in Production.

Q. Are there any time bombs or other constraints in the Evaluation versions?

A. No, there are none.

Q. How does the Telemetry feature work?

A. The Telemetry feature works as follows: Each product is bundled with a library that connects to BackStage and sends a data packet at the following frequencies:

  • on start-up
  • every six hours
  • on shutdown

This data packet contains the following information depending on the product:

  • Access Management:
    • Total number of sessions created.
    • Authorization requests over time.
    • Number of unique logins.
    • Count of OAuth2 tokens issued.
    • Count of grant completions.
  • Directory Services:
    • Overall system stats, including CPU and memory.
    • Overall operational load, including number of connections and operations, average number of operations per second and average response time.
    • Number of entries in the database.
  • Identity Management:
    • Overall system stats, including CPU and memory.
    • Cluster node status.
    • Total number of events by type.
    • Number of unique logins.
    • Number of social registrations by provider.
    • Total number of roles and workflows.
  • Identity Gateway:
    • Total number of requests per route and node.
    • Number of active requests per route and node.
    • Throughput per route and node.
    • Response time percentiles per route and node.

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