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Administering Subscriptions

Last updated Dec 14, 2022

This article provides the steps needed to access and administer your subscription service. It is the subscription administrator's responsibility to provide access to end users; support tickets can only be raised by those users who are members of your organization's subscription. Administrators can manage the members of their organization in Backstage.

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The first step is to create a user account and verify your email address as detailed in Logging in to ForgeRock services.

  • If you already have a Backstage account there is no need to re-register, you can just sign in using your username and password.
  • If your email address is unverified, you need to verify it before accessing the support system. If you haven't received your verification email, it may be in the Spam folder of your email account or you can resend a verification email as detailed in Logging in to ForgeRock services.

Admin access

To access support services, customers are required to first assign an Admin who can then grant privileges to other users in their organization. 

Adding the first Administrator

Once registered, users can add themselves as administrators by requesting assistance on the subscription page:

  1. Go to the Subscriptions page and click Ask for help.
  2. Request assistance, ensuring you include your 16 digit support key in your message; this is included in the Welcome email that was sent to your organization.

Administrative privileges

Administrators of an organization have the following privileges:

  • Add existing Backstage users to the subscription
  • Invite unregistered users
  • Remove users from the subscription
  • Promote subscription users to administrators
  • Demote subscription administrators to end users
  • Request access to Resources on behalf of the subscription

Administrators cannot change their own status in the subscription.

Administrative tasks

  • Accessing the Subscriptions page
  • Accessing the Manage Subscription page
    • Access the Subscriptions page.
    • Click the Details button on the subscription account you would like to manage:
      • The Support Key associated with the subscription is managed internally and you do not need to know it to use Backstage.
      • The Members tab shows all the members of your subscription, indicating their status and if they are administrators or regular users.
      • The Details tab shows general information about the subscription, such as product coverage and support response times.
      • The Resources tab shows any resources you can access or request access to.
      • The Service Credentials tab shows any access keys you have. These keys allow you to access ForgeRock services, such as Push Authentication.
      • The Cloud Storage tab allows you to upload files and manage any files you've already uploaded.
  • Adding a user to the subscription
    • Access the Subscriptions page.
    • Click the Details button on the subscription account to which you would like to add the user.
    • Click Add/invite member.
    • Enter the email address of the user you want to add and click Add. Backstage checks whether this email address belongs to an already registered user:
      • If the user exists, they are added to the subscription.
      • If the user doesn't exist, you can choose to send them an invitation email. The invitation email will contain a link to the registration page with a one-time password that adds the user to the subscription immediately upon successful registration.
  • ​Changing a user's status
    • Access the Subscriptions page.
    • Click the Details button on the subscription account you would like to manage:
      • The icons in the toolbar for each user let you turn someone into an admin or regular user, and remove them from the subscription. If you remove a user from a subscription, any tickets they had are reassigned to the admin who removed them. You cannot assign the tickets to a different user.
      • All subscription admins as well as the affected user will receive a notification each time you make a change.
  • Accessing support tickets

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