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How do I configure IG (All versions) to load properties from multiple configuration files?

Last updated Aug 11, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide information on configuring IG to load properties from multiple JSON configuration files.

Configuring IG to load properties from multiple files

You can update the config.json file (located in the $HOME/.openig/config/ directory) to point to multiple configuration files using the $location property, for example:

  • IG 6.5 and later: {  "properties" : {     "constants": {       "$location": "file:${IG_INSTANCE_DIR}/resources/ig-consts.json"     },     "variables": {       "$location": "file:${IG_INSTANCE_DIR}/resources/ig-vars.json"     }   } }
  • Pre-IG 6.5: {  "properties" : {     "constants": {       "$location": "file:${OPENIG_BASE}/resources/ig-consts.json"     },     "variables": {       "$location": "file:${OPENIG_BASE}/resources/ig-vars.json"     }   } }

Based on this example, you can then access properties using the following format, depending on which file they derive from:

Format File
constants.propertyName /path/to/ig/resources/ig-consts.json
variables.propertyName /path/to/ig/resources/ig-vars.json

Where you replace propertyName with the actual property name.  

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