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How do I migrate my existing BPMN workflows after upgrading to IDM 5.5 or applying Security Advisory #201705?

Last updated Apr 7, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance on migrating existing Business Process Model And Notation™ (BPMN™) workflows in IDM/OpenIDM after upgrading to IDM 5.5 or applying Security Advisory #201705.

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Migrating a BPMN Workflow

After upgrading to IDM 5.5 or applying Security Advisory #201705, existing BPMN workflows must be modified in order to to attach a scriptTaskListener to each userTask within the workflow. The scriptTaskListener must inject any required user input within the process context, making it available to other workflow stages.

The attached workflowScriptTaskHelper.xsl file can be used to assist with migration and will automatically transform basic BPMN workflows. Complex workflows or those which do not already include a userTask may require additional manual intervention:

  • On Mac® OS X® or Linux®, you must execute the following XSLT script to migrate your BPMN files: xsltproc workflowScriptTaskHelper.xsl path/to/your/project.bpmn20.xml  | xmllint -format -
  • On Microsoft® Windows®, the Microsoft Command Line Transformation Utility (msxsl.exe) can be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Core XML Services to migrate your BPMN files: msxsl.exe path/to/your/project.bpmn20.xml workflowScriptTaskHelper.xsl -o path/to/your/updated.bpmn20.xml

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