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How do I add a new custom UI page in IDM 6?

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on adding a new custom UI page in IDM using the XUI. Custom UI pages can be used to extend the functionality in IDM.

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This article does not apply to IDM 6.5 and later, because the End User UI is now based on the Vue JavaScript framework instead of XUI. See ForgeRock/end-user-ui: Identity Management (End User) for further information on customizing this UI.

Adding a new custom UI page

The XUI in IDM uses require.js for modular JavaScript® loading, backbone.js for model/view binding and handlebars.js for templating.

The following steps demonstrate creating a page in the XUI that includes some sample text.

  1. Create a routes file to introduce a new route to your view, for example: /path/to/idm/ui/selfservice/default/config/routes/CustomIDMRoutesConfig.js And define a route in this file, for example: define("config/routes/CustomIDMRoutesConfig", [ ], function() { var obj = { "helloWorldView" : { view: "org/forgerock/openidm/ui/custom/HelloWorldView", role: "ui-admin", url: "helloWorld/" } }; return obj; });
  2. Update the AppConfiguration.js file (located in the /path/to/idm/ui/selfservice/default/config/ directory) to add the new routes file to your Application Configuration; find the section that includes paths to the routes (~line 55) and add a new route: {"routes":"config/routes/CustomIDMRoutesConfig"}
  3. Create a view file, for example: /path/to/idm/ui/selfservice/default/org/forgerock/openidm/ui/custom/HelloWorldView.js And add your view code to this file, for example: define("org/forgerock/openidm/ui/custom/HelloWorldView", [ "org/forgerock/commons/ui/common/main/AbstractView", "org/forgerock/commons/ui/common/main/Configuration", "org/forgerock/commons/ui/common/util/UIUtils" ], function(AbstractView) { var HelloWorldView = AbstractView.extend({ template: "templates/custom/HelloWorld.html", baseTemplate: "templates/common/MediumBaseTemplate.html", events: { } }); return new HelloWorldView(); });
  4. Create a template file, for example: /path/to/idm/ui/selfservice/default/templates/custom/HelloWorld.html And add some sample text to this file: <h2>Hello World!</h2> <p> Some sample text. </p>

That's it. You should now be able to view the new view by navigating to #helloWorld/, for example:http://localhost:8080/#helloWorld/

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