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How do I delete an AM 6.x instance from a site along with the replicated embedded DS server?

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on decommissioning an AM instance and the replicated embedded DS server from a site.

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Deleting an AM instance and a replicated embedded DS server from a site

You can remove the AM instance and the replicated embedded DS server from a site as follows:

  1. Delete the AM instance using the AM admin UI by navigating to Deployment > Servers and selecting the vertical ellipsis > Delete on the AM instance you want to remove.
  2. Stop replication on the embedded DS server using the dsreplication command. For example:$ ./dsreplication unconfigure --unconfigureAll --hostname --port 4444 --adminUID admin --adminPassword password --trustAll --no-prompt This command removes the server's replication configuration from all other servers in the replication topology, meaning the remaining servers will not try to replicate to this server.

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