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How do I use AM as an IdP in ASP.NET applications?

Last updated Nov 11, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide some information on using AM to authenticate in a Microsoft® Windows® federated environment.

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SAML2 federation in .NET

The .NET Fedlet ( was a demo application, (not a fully supported product) that was provided with earlier versions of OpenAM to demonstrate how OpenAM could be used as an IdP in a Microsoft Windows federated environment. This sample application is no longer distributed because .NET 4.5 and above provide all the SAML implementation classes necessary to federate with AM as the IdP, making the .NET Fedlet both obsolete and redundant. You should use these implementation classes directly in your ASP.NET applications to federate with AM.

For information on how to achieve this, you should refer to the Microsoft documentation. Some useful links are:

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