ForgeRock Identity Platform
Does not apply to Identity Cloud

Upgrading AM

This book provides information on upgrading AM including best practice advice, recommended procedures for different upgrade scenarios and known issues.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Debug Logging
    • 1.1 How do I enable message level debugging for install and upgrade issues with AM (All versions)?
  • 2 Backing Up
    • 2.1 How do I make a backup of configuration data in AM 5.x or 6.x?
    • 2.2 FAQ: Backing up AM
  • 3 Best Practices
    • 3.1 Best practice for upgrading to AM 7.x
    • 3.2 Best practice for upgrading to AM 6.x
  • 4 Recommended Processes
    • 4.1 How do I upgrade AM (All versions) with minimal downtime when replication is used?
    • 4.2 How do I upgrade AM 5.x or 6.x if I am using a site configuration?
    • 4.3 How do I upgrade Amster configuration files when upgrading to AM 6.5.x or 7?
    • 4.4 How do I upgrade Apache Tomcat for an existing AM (All versions) install?
    • 4.5 How do I migrate OAuth 2.0 CTS-based tokens to AM 6.5.x from an earlier version?
    • 4.6 How do I migrate OAuth 2.0 client-based tokens to AM 6.5.x from an earlier version?
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 5.1 FAQ: Upgrading AM
    • 5.2 FAQ: Installing AM
    • 5.3 What versions of DS are compatible with AM?
    • 5.4 What versions of Agents are compatible with AM?
    • 5.5 What versions of IG are compatible with AM?
    • 5.6 What versions of AM are compatible with IDM?
    • 5.7 What operating systems are ForgeRock products supported on?
    • 5.8 What Java versions are ForgeRock products supported on?
    • 5.9 How do I check what version of AM (All versions) I have installed?
    • 5.10 What automation tools are available for installing, upgrading and configuring AM deployments (All versions)?
  • 6 Known Issues
    • 6.1 AM (All versions) upgrade fails when is empty or corrupted
    • 6.2 No secret with id storepass for purpose storepass errors after upgrading to AM 6.5.x or 7.x
    • 6.3 Duplicate key [cot_name] after importing SAML2 metadata in AM 6.5.x or upgrading
    • 6.4 Upgrade to AM 5.x or 6.x fails when anonymous access is disabled in DS
    • 6.5 Upgrade from AM 6.5 to 6.5.x doesn't start because The entry ou=am-config does not include a subschemaSubentry attribute
    • 6.6 Issues with upgrades, Amster imports or exports, or registering clients (OAuth2, OIDC and RADIUS) or agents with reference to sunserviceID in AM (All versions)
    • 6.7 Custom user profile attributes are missing from the user profile page after upgrading to AM 7.x
    • 6.8 Data validation failed error when creating or updating user data store LDAP attributes after upgrading to AM 5.5.2, 6.5.1, 6.5.2.x, 6.5.3.x or 7.x
    • 6.9 Outdated JSP pages causing problems after upgrading AM (All versions)
    • 6.10 Error during shutdown message when stopping an AM 6 instance running on Apache Tomcat