Connectors in IDM

This book provides information on the connectors available in IDM, including known issues (with solutions).

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Remote Connector Server
    • 1.1 How do I upgrade the Remote Connector Server (RCS) for Identity Cloud and IDM?
    • 1.2 How do I run a Remote Connector Server (RCS) as a Service?
    • 1.3 How do I enable debug logging and log rotation for the Remote Connector Server (RCS)?
    • 1.4 Known Issues
      • 1.4.1 Identity Cloud or IDM fail to connect to the Remote Connector Server (RCS) with a Failed to validate and load script error
  • 2 All Connectors
    • 2.1 FAQ: Connectors in IDM
    • 2.2 How do I configure pooled connections for a connector in IDM (All versions)?
    • 2.3 How do I create a new connector configuration via REST in IDM (All versions)?
    • 2.4 How do I find the available parameters for inclusion in the provisioner configuration file for a connector in IDM (All versions)?
    • 2.5 Known Issues
      • 2.5.1 IDM (All versions) connector returns null search result
  • 3 LDAP Connector
    • 3.1 How do I configure the LDAP connector in IDM (All versions) for LDAP failover?
    • 3.2 How do I test LDAP search filters in the Generic LDAP Connector for IDM (All versions)?
    • 3.3 How do I disable a user account in DS using IDM (All versions)?
    • 3.4 How do I merge multiple external accounts to a single managed/user object in IDM (All versions)?
    • 3.5 How do I configure the userAccountControl property in the LDAP and .NET Connectors in IDM (All versions)?
    • 3.6 How do I use the LDAP Connector in IDM (All versions) to update the ENABLE property in Active Directory?
    • 3.7 Best practice for LiveSync in IDM (All versions) with Active Directory
    • 3.8 Best practice for LiveSync in IDM (All versions) with multiple DS instances
    • 3.9 Known Issues
      • 3.9.1 Attribute value conflicts with the attribute's schema definition on operation error in IDM (All versions)
      • 3.9.2 The operation attempted to assign a zero-length value to an attribute with the directory string syntax error in IDM (All versions)
      • 3.9.3 IDM (All versions) LiveSync syncToken is out of sync with the DS changelog number
  • 4 Database Table Connector
    • 4.1 LiveSync fails with ORA-01843 or ORA-01861 error when using the Database Table Connector in IDM (All versions)
  • 5 PowerShell Connector Toolkit
    • 5.1 Empty path name is not legal error with the PowerShell connector in IDM (All versions)
  • 6 Groovy Connector Toolkit
    • 6.1 Empty path name is not legal error with the Groovy connector in IDM (All versions)
  • 7 .NET Connector Server
    • 7.1 How do I enable OpenICF logging for the .NET Connector Server in IDM (All versions) to investigate server crashes?