Troubleshooting AM/OpenAM and Policy Agents

This book provides information on troubleshooting various issues in AM/OpenAM and Policy Agents, including collecting useful troubleshooting information such as logs, heap dumps and stack traces.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Sending troubleshooting data to ForgeRock Support for analysis
  • 2 How do I record troubleshooting information in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 3 Best practice for recording troubleshooting information in AM/OpenAM (All versions)
  • 4 How do I check if AM/OpenAM (All versions) is up and running?
  • 5 How do I check what version of AM/OpenAM (All versions) I have installed?
  • 6 How do I export and import Service configurations for AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 7 How do I export configuration details for the Policy Agent (All versions)?
  • 8 How do I diagnose a hung AM/OpenAM (All versions) server?
  • 9 How do I troubleshoot WDSSO and Kerberos issues in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 10 How do I troubleshoot certificate-based authentication issues in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 11 How do I troubleshoot issues with the CORS filter in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 12 How do I troubleshoot WebSocket issues in Agents 5.x?
  • 13 How do I collect data for troubleshooting high CPU utilization on AM/OpenAM (All versions) servers?
  • 14 How do I find which thread is consuming CPU in a Java process in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 15 Logging
    • 15.1 Where can I find useful logs for troubleshooting ForgeRock products?
    • 15.2 How do I trace transactions through the audit logs for troubleshooting across ForgeRock products?
    • 15.3 How do I enable Message level debugging in AM/OpenAM (All versions) debug files?
    • 15.4 How do I enable debug logging for troubleshooting Policy Agents (All versions)?
    • 15.5 How do I enable message level debugging for install and upgrade issues with AM/OpenAM (All versions) ?
    • 15.6 How do I enable message level debugging for ssoadm in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 15.7 How do I enable debug mode for troubleshooting Amster (All versions)?
    • 15.8 How do I enable debug logging for troubleshooting WDSSO and Kerberos issues in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 15.9 How do I enable message level debugging for the RADIUS server in AM (All versions) and OpenAM 13.x?
    • 15.10 How do I enable message level debugging for the Java SDK in OpenAM 12.x and 13.x?
    • 15.11 How do I find network errors in the logs for the configuration store in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 15.12 How do I collect all the data required for troubleshooting AM/OpenAM and Policy Agents (All versions)?
    • 15.13 How do I clear debug logs in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 15.14 How do I rotate AM/OpenAM (All versions) debug logs?
    • 15.15 How do I add logging to server-side scripts in AM (All versions) and OpenAM 13.x?
    • 15.16 How do I log audit events to a database in OpenAM 12.x and 13.x?
    • 15.17 How do I create a HAR file for troubleshooting AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 15.18 How do I enable Garbage Collector (GC) Logging for AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 15.19 How do I collect JVM data for troubleshooting AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 16 How do I monitor session statistics in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 17 How do I clear stats logs in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 18 How do I stop stats logging in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 19 How do I avoid common issues with REST calls in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 20 Performance Tuning
    • 20.1 FAQ: AM/OpenAM performance and tuning
    • 20.2 How do I change the JVM heap size for AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 20.3 Best practice for JVM Tuning
    • 20.4 How do I improve the performance of ssoadm in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
    • 20.5 How do I improve OAuth 2.0 performance in OpenAM 13.0?