ForgeRock Identity Platform
Does not apply to Identity Cloud

Installing and Administering DS

This book provides information on installing and administering DS, including frequently asked questions and known issues.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 General
    • 1.1 What versions of DS are compatible with AM?
    • 1.2 What versions of DS are compatible with IDM?
    • 1.3 What Java versions are ForgeRock products supported on?
    • 1.4 What operating systems are ForgeRock products supported on?
  • 2 Install
    • 2.1 How do I install DS (All versions) so that the instance files are separate to the install files?
    • 2.2 How do I use the AWS snapshot feature to quickly create DS 5.x or 6.x instances?
  • 3 Administration
    • 3.1 How do I understand what the different DS Backends are used for in DS 5.x and 6.x?
    • 3.2 How do I change the hostname in DS 5.x and 6.x?
    • 3.3 How do I check if a backend is online in DS (All versions)?
    • 3.4 How do I relocate the backend database files in DS (All versions) on to a separate file system?
    • 3.5 How do I make DS (All versions) listen on port 636 or 389 without being root?
    • 3.6 How do I stop DS (All versions) to perform a clean shutdown?
    • 3.7 How do I configure DS (All versions) to be stopped and started as a service using systemd and systemctl?
    • 3.8 How do I change DS (All versions) to use a different JDK version?
    • 3.9 How do I ensure DS (All versions) uses the Java settings from file when starting?
    • 3.10 How do I set advanced properties with dsconfig in DS (All versions)?
    • 3.11 Best practice for managing groups in DS (All versions)
    • 3.12 How do I append data to an existing user store in DS (All versions)?
    • 3.13 How do I configure DS (All versions) to use the Syslog audit event handler?
    • 3.14 How do I change the location of log files for DS (All versions)?
    • 3.15 Patches
      • 3.15.1 How do I check what patches are installed for ForgeRock products?
      • 3.15.2 How do I install a DS patch (All versions) supplied by ForgeRock support?
  • 4 Access Controls
    • 4.1 How do I only allow selected users to search, update and delete LDAP entries in DS 5.x and 6.x?
  • 5 Back Up and Restore
    • 5.1 How do I design and implement my backup and restore strategies for DS 5.x and 6.x?
    • 5.2 How do I roll back an entire network of DS 5.x or 6.x replicas to a previous backup?
    • 5.3 How do I restore DS 5.x or 6.x from another DS instance?
    • 5.4 How do I restore old backup data to a DS 5.x or 6.x replication topology?
  • 6 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 6.1 FAQ: Installing and configuring DS
    • 6.2 FAQ: Backup and restore in DS 5.x and 6.x
    • 6.3 FAQ: Monitoring DS
    • 6.4 FAQ: DS compatibility with third-party products
    • 6.5 FAQ: General DS
    • 6.6 FAQ: REST API in DS
    • 6.7 FAQ: Moving from Oracle DSEE to DS
    • 6.8 How do I count the number of users in my ForgeRock deployment?
  • 7 Known Issues
    • 7.1 High CPU and unresponsive servers when DS (All versions) is running behind an F5 Load Balancer
    • 7.2 LDAP connection fails with No subject alternative DNS name matching error in AM 5.1.x, 5.5.2, 6.x, 7.x and DS 5.5.1, 5.5.2, 6.x, 7.x
    • 7.3 An illegal reflective access operation has occurred when using Java 11 with ForgeRock products
    • 7.4 DS (All versions) fails to start when using a JKS keystore from an earlier version
    • 7.5 An error occurred while trying to decode the response from the server when running commands in DS (All versions)
    • 7.6 The provided value cannot be parsed as a valid IA5 string because it contains an illegal character error in DS (All versions)
    • 7.7 Generation IDs do not match error after restoring a DS (All versions) replica
    • 7.8 Backend goes offline due to Latch timeouts in DS (All versions)
    • 7.9 Warnings about identity mappers on startup after upgrading to DS 6.x or 7.x
    • 7.10 Error when creating audit logging handler in DS (All versions) which stops the server responding or restarting