Troubleshooting DS/OpenDJ

This book provides information on troubleshooting various issues in DS/OpenDJ, including collecting useful troubleshooting information such as heap dumps and stack traces.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Sending troubleshooting data to ForgeRock Support for analysis
  • 2 How do I troubleshoot replication issues in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 3 How do I find replication conflicts in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 4 How do I perform a heartbeat check against DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 5 How do I check if a backend is online in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 6 How do I verify that a DS/OpenDJ (All versions) server is responding to LDAP requests without providing a password?
  • 7 How do I troubleshoot connection via LDAPS issues in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 8 How do I verify indexes in DS/OpenDJ (All versions) are correct?
  • 9 How do I troubleshoot issues with my indexes in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 10 How do I troubleshoot a DS/OpenDJ (All versions) REST configuration?
  • 11 How do I collect data for troubleshooting high CPU utilization on DS/OpenDJ (All versions) servers?
  • 12 How do I find which thread is consuming CPU in a Java process in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 13 Monitoring
    • 13.1 How do I create a dedicated user for monitoring in DS 6.x?
    • 13.2 FAQ: Monitoring DS/OpenDJ
    • 13.3 How do I use cn=monitor entry in DS/OpenDJ (All versions) for monitoring?
  • 14 Logging
    • 14.1 Where can I find useful logs for troubleshooting ForgeRock products?
    • 14.2 How do I trace transactions through the audit logs for troubleshooting across ForgeRock products?
    • 14.3 How do I use the Access log to troubleshoot DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 14.4 How do I enable Garbage Collector (GC) Logging for DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 14.5 How do I collect JVM data for troubleshooting DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 15 Performance Tuning
    • 15.1 FAQ: DS/OpenDJ performance and tuning
    • 15.2 How do I tune DS/OpenDJ (All versions) process sizes: JVM heap and database cache?
    • 15.3 Best practice for JVM Tuning
    • 15.4 How do I tune the DS/OpenDJ (All versions) database file cache?
    • 15.5 How do I tune Background Database Verification in DS (All versions) and OpenDJ 3.5.2, 3.5.3?
    • 15.6 How do I improve performance when using the PBKDF2 storage scheme in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?