ForgeRock Identity Platform
Does not apply to Identity Cloud

Troubleshooting IDM

This book provides information on troubleshooting various issues in IDM, including collecting useful troubleshooting information such as logs, heap dumps and stack traces.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Sending troubleshooting data to ForgeRock Support for analysis
  • 2 How do I debug server-side Groovy code in IDM (All versions)?
  • 3 How do I query individual reconciliation synchronization failures using REST in IDM (All versions)?
  • 4 How do I troubleshoot the DS Password Synchronization plugin in IDM (All versions)?
  • 5 How do I troubleshoot Active Directory password synchronization issues in IDM (All versions)?
  • 6 How do I collect data for troubleshooting high CPU utilization on IDM (All versions) servers?
  • 7 How do I find which thread is consuming CPU in a Java process in IDM (All versions)?
  • 8 How do I troubleshoot common issues in IDM (All versions)?
  • 9 Logging
    • 9.1 Where can I find useful logs for troubleshooting ForgeRock products?
    • 9.2 How do I enable debug logging for connectors in IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.3 How do I add logging to JavaScript files in IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.4 How do I add logging to Groovy scripts in IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.5 How do I add Thread IDs to log statements in IDM 5.x and 6?
    • 9.6 How do I configure Jetty Request logging for IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.7 How do I enable database logging in IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.8 How do I enable OpenICF logging for the .NET Connector Server in IDM (All versions) to investigate server crashes?
    • 9.9 How do I create a HAR file for troubleshooting IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.10 How do I enable Garbage Collector (GC) Logging for IDM (All versions)?
    • 9.11 How do I collect JVM data for troubleshooting IDM (All versions)?
  • 10 Monitoring
    • 10.1 How do I perform an anonymous health check on the IDM server (All versions)?
    • 10.2 How do I monitor LiveSync activity using REST in IDM (All versions)?
  • 11 Performance Tuning
    • 11.1 FAQ: IDM performance and tuning
    • 11.2 How do I identify reconciliation performance issues in IDM (All versions)?
    • 11.3 How do I change the JVM heap size for IDM (All versions)?
    • 11.4 Best practice for JVM Tuning with G1 GC
    • 11.5 Best practice for JVM Tuning with CMS GC