Using Amster in AM

This book provides information on using Amster in AM to make configuration changes as well as detailing known issues (with solutions).

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Table of Contents

  • 1 FAQ: Installing and using Amster in AM
  • 2 How do I upgrade Amster configuration files when upgrading to AM 6.5?
  • 3 How do I update property values in AM (All versions) using Amster?
  • 4 How do I import Service configurations in AM (All versions) using Amster when there are custom modules?
  • 5 How do I enable debug mode for troubleshooting Amster (All versions)?
  • 6 How do I automate the creation of a SAML2 entity provider in AM/OpenAM (All versions)?
  • 7 How do I automate the creation of an authentication tree in AM 5.5.x and 6.x?
  • 8 Known Issues
    • 8.1 Issues with upgrades, Amster exports and registering clients (OAuth2, OIDC and RADIUS) or agents with reference to sunserviceID in AM (All versions)
    • 8.2 502 Bad Gateway error when an Amster (All versions) command fails
    • 8.3 Only url, secondaryURLs and _id are valid in write error when importing configuration data via Amster in AM (All versions)
    • 8.4 ssoadm command fails to run with null pointer exception in AM 5 and 5.1.x