Installing and configuring IG/OpenIG

This book provides information on installing and configuring IG/OpenIG including frequently asked questions.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 What versions of IG/OpenIG are compatible with AM/OpenAM?
  • 2 What Java versions are ForgeRock products supported on?
  • 3 How do I quickly test IG/OpenIG configurations (All versions) with Jetty?
  • 4 How do I configure IG (All versions) to load properties from multiple configuration files?
  • 5 How do I connect to LDAPS from within an IG (All versions) Groovy script using the LdapClient class?
  • 6 How do I connect to IDM (All versions) with mutual SSL authentication from IG (All versions)?
  • 7 How do I configure IG/OpenIG (All versions) to pass the client IP address to downstream applications when proxying requests?
  • 8 How do I configure IG/OpenIG (All versions) to retrieve the user certificate and pass it to AM/OpenAM in the HTTP header?
  • 9 How do I configure an idle timeout in IG/OpenIG (All versions)?
  • 10 How do I filter information included in logs in IG (All versions) and OpenIG 4.5?
  • 11 How do I create a custom error page in IG/OpenIG (All versions)?
  • 12 How do I migrate OpenIG 4 scripts from using blocking APIs to non-blocking APIs?
  • 13 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 13.1 FAQ: Installing and configuring IG/OpenIG
    • 13.2 FAQ: IG/OpenIG compatibility with third-party products
  • 14 Known Issues
    • 14.1 502 Bad Gateway or SocketTimeoutException when using IG (All versions)
    • 14.2 config.json not readable error in IG/OpenIG (All versions)
    • 14.3 SSLHandshakeException or ClassCastException when using an HSM and Java 11 with ForgeRock products
  • 15 Patches
    • 15.1 How do I check what patches are installed for ForgeRock products?
    • 15.2 How do I install an IG/OpenIG patch (All versions) supplied by ForgeRock support?