Upgrading DS/OpenDJ

This book provides information on upgrading DS/OpenDJ including recommended procedures for upgrading and known issues.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Recommended Processes
    • 1.1 How do I avoid common pitfalls when upgrading DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 1.2 How do I upgrade DS/OpenDJ if I have support patches installed (All versions)?
    • 1.3 How do I perform a rolling upgrade of DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 1.4 How do I update my custom password storage scheme or server plugin when I upgrade DS (All versions)?
    • 1.5 How do I upgrade DS/OpenDJ (All versions) if I have the DS/OpenDJ Password Sync Plugin for IDM/OpenIDM installed?
    • 1.6 How do I convert a PDB backend to a JE backend in DS 5.x or OpenDJ 3.x?
  • 2 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 2.1 FAQ: Upgrading DS/OpenDJ
    • 2.2 FAQ: Installing and configuring DS/OpenDJ
    • 2.3 What versions of DS/OpenDJ are compatible with AM/OpenAM?
    • 2.4 What versions of DS/OpenDJ are compatible with IDM/OpenIDM?
  • 3 Known Issues
    • 3.1 Insufficient Access Rights error for dsreplication status after upgrading a replicated server to DS 6.x
    • 3.2 Warnings about identity mappers on startup after upgrading to DS 6.x
    • 3.3 Starting DS/OpenDJ (All versions) server fails after upgrade
    • 3.4 Upgrading DS/OpenDJ (All versions) fails with UnsupportedClassVersion error
    • 3.5 DS/OpenDJ (All versions) fail to start after upgrade if you use the Password Sync Plugin for IDM/OpenIDM
    • 3.6 Insufficient free memory error when installing OpenDJ 3.5
    • 3.7 Out Of Memory Error when installing OpenDJ 3, or using import-ldif, rebuild-index or dsreplication commands