Replication in DS/OpenDJ

This book provides information on configuring, managing, troubleshooting and recovering replication in DS/OpenDJ. Known issues are included along with solutions.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Configuring and Managing Replication
    • 1.1 How do I quickly create a new DS/OpenDJ (All versions) replica?
    • 1.2 How do I use the AWS snapshot feature to quickly create DS/OpenDJ (All versions) instances?
    • 1.3 How do I configure DS/OpenDJ (All versions) to ensure accidentally deleted or changed data can be restored when replication is enabled?
    • 1.4 How do I control how long replication changes are retained in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 1.5 How do I enable the External Change Log on a single DS/OpenDJ (All versions) server?
    • 1.6 How do I reset the cn=changelog changeNumber in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 1.7 How do I configure an external or CA Signed certificate for replication in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 1.8 How do I configure a CA Signed certificate for replication in a secured DS (All versions) with no downtime?
    • 1.9 How do I migrate an existing DS+RS replication topology to a DS to RS topology in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 1.10 How do I change the admin account password used for replication in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 2 Troubleshooting Replication
    • 2.1 How do I troubleshoot replication issues in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 2.2 How do I find replication conflicts in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 2.3 How do I use the Access log to troubleshoot DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 2.4 How do I understand the changelogDb directory in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
    • 2.5 How do I search and view the changelog records in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)?
  • 3 Recovering Replication
    • 3.1 How do I restore old backup data to a DS/OpenDJ (All versions) replication topology?
    • 3.2 How do I roll back an entire network of DS/OpenDJ (All versions) replicas to a previous backup?
    • 3.3 How do I repair replication configuration in DS/OpenDJ (All versions) when dsreplication has failed?
  • 4 Known Issues
    • 4.1 Replication error in DS/OpenDJ (All versions) indicates same ServerId
    • 4.2 Connection issues cause replication to fail in DS/OpenDJ (All versions)
    • 4.3 Write operations in DS/OpenDJ (All versions) fail when replication servers are down
    • 4.4 Generation IDs do not match error after restoring a DS/OpenDJ (All versions) replica
    • 4.5 Enabling or initializing replication interactively fails in DS (All versions) and OpenDJ 3.x with There is an error with the certificate presented by the server
    • 4.6 High CPU in DS 5, 5.5, 5.5.1 and OpenDJ 3.5.2, 3.5.3 when RS is writing to another RS
    • 4.7 Directory server 1 was attempting to connect to replication server 2 but has disconnected in handshake phase error in DS 5 and OpenDJ 2.6.x, 3.0, 3.5, 3.5.1
    • 4.8 OpenDJ 3.x Java upgrade causes certificate exceptions with contol-panel/dsreplication/status commands
    • 4.9 Invalid Credentials response in OpenDJ 3.5 when dsreplication commands fail
    • 4.10 Replication server fails to start after starting an OpenDJ 3 instance
    • 4.11 Out Of Memory Error when installing OpenDJ 3, or using import-ldif, rebuild-index or dsreplication commands
    • 4.12 Missing Errors and Replication logs for embedded OpenDJ in OpenAM 13.0