ForgeRock Identity Platform
Does not apply to Identity Cloud

Cookies in AM

This book provides information on cookies in AM.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 FAQ: Cookies in AM
  • 2 How do I change the session cookie name for AM and Agents (All versions)?
  • 3 How do I change the persistent cookie name (session-jwt) in AM (All versions)?
  • 4 How do I clear cookies in AM (All versions) in different browsers?
  • 5 Known Issues
    • 5.1 Persistent cookie is not created in AM (All versions) after changing default keystore
    • 5.2 Session quotas not limiting active user sessions in AM (All versions) when persistent cookies are used
    • 5.3 401 Unauthorized: Session has timed out response when authenticating to AM (All versions)
    • 5.4 Login to AM (All versions) fails with valid username/password after enabling Secure cookies
    • 5.5 Login page does not load or ssoadm fails in AM (All versions) running on Apache Tomcat 8.5 or 9
    • 5.6 Persistent cookie is no longer created in AM (All versions)